All hail!
I salute you!
All hail to the marvel of computer magic!

The lappy is back::squeeeee::
No more delays.
No lost files.
No more crappy virus.

All hail to the might power of computer science.

Alan, yo da man!

I salute you!
All hail to the marvel of computer magic!
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Meet Pishon
Please don't ask about the name

Up close and front...

Looking from my bed like I'm crazy:S

Trying to eat my foot(about 2 times his size)

The latest episode on insomnia is still going strong.

Playing on Chatzy. Come!
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Insite of Jamie
Reasons why Jamie hates the Phone.
*Worked in telemarketing for over 2 years
*Hands get tired
*No music
*People issues
*Bad connection
As is summer (here) I'm allways at home now.
4 calls--answering machine while I hid under a table(well, nearly)
Mothers old friend....shouted and ranted at the phone, thinks boy(elderly)friend is cheating wanted to vent to mum.
Nice person from Church X....quoted 4 verses at the machine and preached a bit.
Mothers coworker....."Call me in the next half our or I've to drunk to care"(it was 4pm?!?!Wednesday!?!?)
Nice(getting scary) person from Church see if we had accepted "The Word" and to preach a bit more.
Plus Mother bunch of times(she stuck in the office while the boss is away)
I'm hiding under a blanky.
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I'm the Duke(duchess)



What's Your Blog Wanted For?

Created by OnePlusYou

Looky me I'm all John Wayne

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Blah, blah
Weekend Whine by Jamie P.Blaze

I'm having a fuzzy week. The one that makes you hazy with hate and you wish that you could forget.
I'm tired, I feel like I'm at the brick of a massive migraine, so that has kept me on the hedge. My insomnia is back at full.
The f****g lappy is down and I don't know if I can retrieve my file and Branz of Shelda(plus every note of it) is in there.
Also the new plot for a contemporary Office romance, blurb of chapters, character development and arch are in there. I have no backup(oddly enough it died in the middle of backing up) I really need an external hard-drive(no extra doll. now for that)
The full mess with my best friends Mom the overdose and the lack of response from the Doctors who want to leave her at home(cause she was in clinics to much..and to no obvious response).
Why are having trouble reaching my uncle again(the one in Milan...the one that had brain surgery).
I lost my paper in the lappy..trying to re do them.
The heat,
the diet,
I just want to sleep...I'm just so done, now.
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This week just needs to end
This week just needs to end.
My files,gone
my lappy,gone
my papers,gone
Plus I was chatting with a friend today(my b-friend) his mom always had issues with stress and depression.
He was waiting for the Doctor. She stopped taking the pills and eating.
The doctor and the nice men with the strait jackets to see if they where taking his mother to the (I don't even know what to call it) transition house, the nuthouse, what?
My friend well he works all day, and takes some classes when he can, cause his mom can't be alone now(she got so much worse in the last years)
ETA, just talk to him, they are taking her in.
She over-dosed with pills, luckily not the really deadly ones(can I even say luckily?), and she needs complete care.
She had stopped taking her meds before, thats why he called today to the clinic.
SO it going o be 3 months with the woman locked up, my friend relieved and yet climbing the walls.
It sucks, it sucks and I don't know what to say.
Also having issues with my Diet...but really who cares now.
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Mada Mada Dane
So having a couple of weird days.
Thinking about my own mortality.
Having a few nightmares.
Trying o study, feeling very bla, bla, bla.
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Your result for The Chakra Test...

The Sensuous One

You have scored 100% Desire - Your dominant Chakra is the "Sacral (Spleen) or Orange Chakra"

The "Sacral (Spleen) or Orange Chakra" is where energy for one's sexuality and feelings originates from. It is located at the spleen (and genitals). This is the chakra which is most developed in you at this time.

The Sacral chakra is about feeling and sexuality. When it is open your feelings flow freely, and are expressed without you being over-emotional. You are open to intimacy and you can be passionate and lively. You have no problems dealing with your sexuality.

Depending on your percentage score, there is always more room for development. When this chakra is under-active you may become stiff and unemotional. You may even develop a poker-like face, as a defence mechanism, to stop others from knowing what you are feeling. If the chakra becomes over-active, you may become overly, emotionally attached to people and sexually active.

What is most important is to find balance amongst all 7 chakras. Have a look at what percentages you scored on the others and work to increase their power and balance with each other.

Root Chakra: 65% Passion, Sacral(Spleen) Chakra: 100% Desire, Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra: 65% Purpose, Heart Chakra: 50% Balance, Throat Chakra: 100% Expression, Third Eye Chakra: 47% Imagination and Crown Chakra: 76% Spirituality!

"Sacral Chakra" Key Words: Feelings, Emotions, Intimacy, Procreation, Polarity, Sensuality, Confidence, Sociability, Freedom, Movement

"Sacral Chakra"Attributes: Color - Orange: Sense - Taste: Element - Water: Seat - Creativity

If you enjoyed this test, I would love the feedback!

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Silly Silly
There are so many things I can say here:)

Your International Spy Name is Diva Sparks

Your Code Name: The Acrobat

You Reside in: Prague

Why You're a Good Spy: You can talk your way out of anything

Really no comment.
Keeps giggling.......
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The end of beggars
The cold seeped through his limbs...
Breathing was so difficult...
To remember the reason of his traumatic existence....was to accept.
The sensation on his extremities where the first to go....a false balm to his soul.
Sitting on his chest was a hand of ice...rapped in virtuous justice.
The beginning was today.

The end of beggars

Jamie P.
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