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Reasons why I suck at writing
If I have to be much I enjoy classical literature and all that.
I have a strange fondness for not romantic...more like happily ever after(with the ever after writen).
Oh-h-h-h, I enjoy angst ::boy I love it::
But I need happy....not weird kinky ass monkey hot sexxing..
..more like Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan(I can never remember If she is the Hallmark channel girl or something else).
I love the Grimm Brothers and I'm very traditional(in a funny way).

I know that Francis Pascals spoiled me to any other end..
I like Heroes and Dragons and Mystical things.

I wear pearls and suits even glasses. I adore hats(classicals)
That don't mean I rebel and protest.

I adore animals...sometimes even more than Humans...

So yeay, I don't think I have the raw passion for writing.
Or the innerwill to be mowed down.

Still after 6 year(and yes this is a big deal for me) I'm gonna try.
Even if I don't make it(to the 50 k) I'm gonna post it.

So....I'm JamiePBlaze and I'm doing NaNoWri...
...please friend if you are too...
JamiePBlaze at gmail is my address.
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