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(Pick curse word of your choice)
I burned my hand.
I was in the kitchen trying to make tea(hot very hot) in this glass-jar-thingie...and the next thing I know is pooch scrambling away.
The glass thing slipped my hand(and no I don't know how) and the boiling water drench my right hand(my writing hand).
I pour water and the cream stuff, but the skin is all red can't bend my fingers. And fuck it hurts.
Ow! Goddamnitall.
It hurts...

I spend all day reading books/lj post anything to try to distract myself from the pain(nice nurse came a bit ago and gave me some pain killers plus the cream my doc said).

I had just gotten my last burn clear. I accidentlly touch the hot oven with the top of my wrist(I had half a band of dark skin there)

This is gonna fucked up my study time. I lost a full day.
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