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Awww, I wanna be a Wombat. I wanna be a Wombat!
::crosses fingers::

Your result for The Which Marsupial Are You Test...


Congratulations! You scored 21!

You're a Wombat! You spend your days wrestling and living underground. You have big scary claws, but would never hurt a fly, cause you're squishy and lovable. People like you because you look and act silly. Wombats seem a bit scary at first, so it takes time for people to get to know you. Once your humor breaks the ice though, everyone wants a piece of you and your big fat belly. Most Wombats become ice cream truck drivers or stand up comics.

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Awww, yes!
::Pumps fists::
I'm so cute!
Love me:)

Ps: Renting myself as a muse!
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