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jamiepblaze's Journal

29 April
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The best thing to say about me...is that I'm me, so there is only one:) Funloving, easygoing, sometimes moody, charmingly silly and very cute:)
I have been playing in the LJ sandbox from the early 05 under a dif user(luxluthor and now I'm here..
2008 wrote a novel 'Not there yet' by Jamie P. Blaze..
After six years I'm making my come back into writing!
can find me at gmail ,insanejournal, blogger and facebook under jamiepblaze.
Look me up I have been told I'm fun:)
I love Books and History.Writing is my passion, I like many tv series(hint and my user name). I have a lovely pet and a pretty tree.lol Let the world at my feet's for sweet destiny lies within.
PS Moved to SouthAmerica on 2004, moved last year to Argentinian
Yes this is a really old bio but I don't wanna mess with it!